Antiscalant For RO

Antiscalant For RO

Scaling is the process of deposition of particles on a membrane which eventually causes it to plug. An RO Antiscalant is a pretreatment water additive for reverse osmosis system employed to prevent the m

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Water Treatment Chemical - RO Antiscalant

Shubham Corporation offers Antiscalant For R.O. with longetivity and maximum production from your RO plant. We are known manufacturers and wholesale suppliers for high-quality Antiscalant for R.O. products to industry and water treatment plants in the global market. This liquid is specially been developed control and reduce particulate fouling within membrane separation systems. Our product provides the longer run time that helps to reduce operating and capital costs.

Chemicals Used in Water Treatment

Water treatment is a very important procedure in order to make the waters suitable for different applications. Some of the most commonly preferred chemicals for water treatment are chlorine, chlorine dioxide, soda ash or sodium bicarbonate, etc. For some applications of water treatment, coagulants, flocculants, filter cleaners are also preferred. The RO chemical formulations or RO Antiscalant plays an important role in improving its operational performance. It lays a helping hand in optimizing RO recovery rates and thus the operational efficiency of entire RO plant takes a major leap forward.

What is Antiscalant?

To prevent membranes from scaling antiscalant – a water treatment chemical is used as pretreatment water additive. During the process, antiscalant RO is been injected into the water and sent through the system before the feed water enters the reverse osmosis membrane. The RO Antiscalant aids in regulating inorganic scales of strontium, barium, calcium, iron, fluoride, silica, and magnesium. When used continuously, it can reduce the chances of scaling to occur by 80%. The RO membrane Antiscalant helps in maintaining the capacity of the reverse osmosis systems as per their intended design. It also helps in lowering the cost involved in cleaning the membrane and minimizing shutdowns. Other applications of Antiscalant include dropping the risk of scaling and the disastrous effects on the application of some hazardous and harmful acids. As a result, a highly efficient operation of the RO plant is achieved that assures of high conversion rate.

Features of RO Antiscalant – Water Treatment Chemical

  • Highly Effective Anticalant/Antifoulant liquid
  • Long Lasting RO Antiscalant Reduces Operating Cost
  • Antiscalant RO gives excellent results in membrane separation processes including Reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) applications

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