IUI Cannula

Uterine Inseminator For Washed Spermatozoa. The IUI is an intrauterine insemination cannula with two lateral distal port for optimal sperm distribution. The iui cannula is made of non-toxic medical grade polypropylene. In the reproductive laboratories, the iui cannula is been used for the insemination of sperms in the uterine cavity. The catheters permit the sperm to bypass the cervix in order to achieve an augmented sperm quantity that exhibits great productivity to reach uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes. These iui cannulas are devoid of any kind of toxicity and are manufactured using high quality medical grade material. There are two lateral ports provided at the ends of cannula to facilitate the process of sperm distribution. The cannula accelerates the sperm transfer rate and is an inexpensive alternative. Application of IUI cannula have shown encouraging results over the years and is hence considered as one of the preferred options.

Key Features of IUI Cannula:

1. Positioner to prevent damage to fundus
2. Two lateral ports at the distal end for optimal sperm distribution
3. An arrow on a handle to indicate lateral port at distal end
4. Marking on the outer tube
5. Available in 09, 12, 15 & 17 centimeters
6. A curved cannula and stilled cannulas are also available
7. Flexible Catheter
8. High Medical Grade Material
9. ETO Sterile

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Unit
Usage Clinical, Hospital
Sterilized Yes
Brand Nephroxa

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