Hot Sterilant (Hot Disinfectant)

Shubham corporation providing a whole range of Hot Sterilant for hospitals and industrial, Dairy need.

Hemodialysis systems in hospitals are disinfected using different types of hot disinfectants. Some of the dialysis equipment is sensitive to heat treatment and therefore cannot be autoclaved or steam sterilized. These require use of the special hot sterilant and high level hot disinfectants to reprocess heat sensitive medical devices. The hot disinfectant can also be used for industrial uses including laboratory uses and applications in the dairy industry.
The hot disinfectant is readily biodegradable, pure, non hazardous has long shelf life and very effective for disinfection of various equipments. The disinfectants are also manufactured under high care and precision and utilize very high quality chemicals.

We also provide

  • Antiscalant (It's an RO Antiscalent )
  • Cold Sterilant
  • Hot Strerilant
  • Stericlean ( This product is similar to the product of Dupont ( PeraSafe )
  • The product like Rely on ( Based on Potassium monopersulphate )
  • DDAC Based disinfectant
  • Hardness Test kits
  • Chlorine Test Kit
  • pH test kit
  • All other water treatment chemical

Hot Sterilant Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Bottle
Type Surface Disinfectant
Brand Nephroxa
Form Liquid
Packaging Type Bottle

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