Cold Sterilant (Cold Disinfectant)

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When looking for a suitable cold sterilant for surgical instruments, it is important to consider some factors such as the active ingredients, effectiveness of the product and supporting evidence, validation of the product according to the pharma standards, safety to users, safety to the environment and any limitations during transport and storage.   
The cold sterilant solution that we offer is an effective disinfection solution for the patient, equipment and operators. It is effective in all types of dialysis machines. The cold disinfectant solution eliminates all microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and even against the most resistant organisms. The cold disinfectant is biodegradable, non- staining and odorless, no pre-dilution required, rapid in action and has long shelf life. The dialysis machine cleaned with this sterilant solution can remain sterilized for at least 10 hours provided no external contaminants were introduced.
The product is a clear and colorless liquid that is free flowing in nature. It is extremely safe to use and cost effective for regular use in the dialysis process. The cold disinfectant is basically a surface disinfectant and utilizes bottle packaging. Other related products include PH testing kits, chlorine testing kit, hardness testing kits, DDAC based disinfectants and many more.

Also, we are providing

  • Antiscalant (It's an RO Antiscalent )
  • Cold Sterilant
  • Hot Strerilant
  • Stericlean ( This product is similar to the product of Dupont ( PeraSafe )
  • The product like Rely on ( Based on Potassium monopersulfate)
  • DDAC Based disinfectant
  • Hardness Test kits
  • Chlorine Test Kit
  • pH test kit
  • All other water treatment chemical

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Bottle
Type Surface Disinfectant
Form Liquid
Packaging Type Bottle
Brand Nephroxa

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