Haemodialysis Catheters

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Haemodialysis is a type of treatment received by the patient when his kidney fails. In this state, the kidneys no longer have the ability to clean the blood and remove extra fluid from our body. A dialysis catheter is usually employed for the purpose of exchanging blood to and from a hemodialysis machine and a patient. The haemodialysis catheter contains 2 lumens: Arterial and Venous. Both the lumens remain in the vein, with the arterial vein carrying blood away from the heart and the venous lumen returning blood towards the heart. It is usually placed in one of the large veins. The catheter is placed by puncturing internal jugular vein in the neck and then moving it downwards through the chest. This is considered to be a more safe option as the area is not prone to severe infection as compared to other body parts, such as the groin. Proper care must be taken of the catheters in order to prevent problems, such as- Infection, and clotting. The dressing of catheters must be kept clean and dry all the time and one must also ensure that the area of insertion is clean as well.

Surgical House brings to you high quality Hemodialysis Catheters easing out the treatment procedure. The material offered for catheters is Polypropylene (PP), which is a thermoplastic polymer which provides high resistance to heat. The catheters boast of high strength assuring elevated durability. It is also leak resistant and hence finds extensive application in haemodialysis. The catheter tip is designed in a manner that prevents recirculation. Hemodialysis catheters have turned out to be one of the most reliable equipments when it comes to delivery of haemodialysis. They play a vital role in the situations that demand of immediate vascular access and hence are extensively preferred to be used in the patients suffering from chronic renal failure. The fact that haemodialysis catheters are such a commonplace equipment in haemodialysis for patient management is because of their ability to get easily inserted in the patient's body.

Haemodialysis Catheters Specifications:

  • Finds extensive used in Haemodialysis
  • Material: PP


  • High strength
  • Leak resistance
  • Elevated durability

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DP-01

Product Details:

Type Dialyzer
Material Type Polisulfone
Size 1.4 m
Brand Fresenius

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