FX8 Dialyzer

FX8 dialyzer is been formed by the latest technology with distinctive functional features like fibre bundle geometry, flow port, membrane nanostructure etc. Fresenius Medical Care FX8 Dialyzer provides various advantages that include hemodynamics, performance, dialysate flow as well as safe handling.

The new FX8 dialyser is a part of FX series dialyser. FX8 dialyzer is been uniquely designed based on optimized and refined handling. It is been designed with optimized membrane permeability that gives minimal loss of essential blood components. It gives homogenous blood flow in dialysis header during the treatment of dialysis with fewer stagnation and the risk of bloodline kinking is been diminished.

5004731 Fresenius Medical Care FX8 Dialyzer

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 20 Piece
Brand Fresenius Medical Care
Application Hospital

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