FX10 Dialyzer

Shubham Corporation offers Fresenius FX10 Dialyzer having pinnacle structure at both the ends of polypropylene housing together. Developed with the latest technology it provides a radial flow of the dialysate around the bundle of individual fibre. The hollows fibre enhances the performance of the FX low-flux dialyzer. This FX 10 Fresenius Dialyser gives a uniform dialysate flow throughout the dialysis treatment. Its new design also ensures that less diffusive resistance is shown by the small solute clearance.

FX10 Low Flux Dialyzer Application and Working

The improved design of the FX 10 Low Flux dialyzer is believed to exhibit lasting benefits to the patients. Shubham Corporation that promises of superlative quality offers Fresenius dialyzer price at a very competitive range. The FX 10 dialyzer is preferred for advanced high-volume therapy modalities. As a low flux dialyzer, it proves to be quite useful in wiping out the smaller toxins like urea and creatinine. It is based on the working principle of application of dialyzers that have a lower permeability of water.

5004741 FX10 Fresenius Dialyzer

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 20 Piece
Brand Fresenius Medical Care
Model 5004741
Application Hospital

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