Fresenius HDF100S Dialyzer

Fresenius HDF100S Dialyzer has been passed through the bubble point test during the inline steam sterilization process that reduces the risk of fibre ruptures and blood leakages during the dialysis treatment. The tested High Flux Dialysers are highly pure, sterile and pyrogen-free. We at Shubham Corporation, offer Fresenius HDF100S High Flux Dialyzer that provides a high degree of safety during the dialysis treatment. Flux is termed as the capability of the membrane of being permeable in the dialyzer where the stockpiled toxins and excessive fluid pass during haemodialysis. These high-flux dialyzers play a key role in high-flux hemodialysis therapy in order to ameliorate the condition of patients than what is observed in low-flux haemodialysis. Fresenius dialyzer ensures faster removal of the fluids. This high flux dialyzer consists of a membrane that allows the entrance of middle-sized molecules in order to stop any accidental abstraction of protein from the blood. As a high flux dialyzer, it is highly recommended for the application of haemodiafiltration due to its property of faster rate of fluid removal and replacement. It takes in the toxins that are linked with uremia in order to reduce cytokines to support the activators. This, thus helps in lessening the inflammatory responses. Fresenius dialyzer leads to a substantial decline in the chances of having cardiovascular diseases by removing homocysteine. There is also an improvement in the control of anemia with the usage of high flux dialyzers and ensures that there is less risk of cerebrovascular disease.

5007191 Fresenius Medical Care HDF100S Dialyzer

Fresenius High Flux Dialyzer Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 12 Piece
Brand Fresenius
Model FX60
Application Hospital, Clinical Purpose

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